Technology Commercialization

The mission of the technology commercialization business line is to be a leading international technology transfer organization and to transfer technology and expertise from KFUPM as well as other technology developers for the benefit of the Kingdom, delivering value to our stakeholders and seeking to maximize social and economic benefits across the ecosystem.

DTVC have the first right of refusal for all KFUPM Intellectual Property.

The experienced team aims to be a ‘single point of contact’ and ‘one stop shop’ to entrepreneurs and inventors who wish to commercialization their technologies in the Kingdom.

Our role is to:


Assess early stage inventions, through a proven technology commercialization assessment process, to evaluate their technical and commercial merit


Manage and facilitate the transition of early stage inventions / technologies through to commercial products, working closely with key stakeholders (sector experts, potential end users and supply chain companies)


Invest, where appropriate, in the development of technologies to confirm technical and commercial viability


License technologies to industry to develop a vibrant and sustainable innovation ecosystem


Form spin-out companies, providing a dedicated commercialization vehicle for specific technologies


Foster a collaborative environment among stakeholders to facilitate joint research / development opportunities