About Us

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been a lucrative market in this rapidly growing global economy and with the world witnessing accelerated development, there has always been an enhanced requirement of development efforts. The Kingdom’s drive towards a Knowledge Based Economy (KBE) requires the integration of several activities: dissemination, transfer, generation, production, utilisation and investment of knowledge in various activities of production and development.

The Dhahran Techno Valley Holding Company (DTVC) – a wholly owned subsidiary of the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) – is a key driver of the Dhahran Techno Valley Ecosystem, which was created to promote a knowledge-based economy in Dhahran and in the Eastern Province. This ecosystem includes KFUPM, national champions such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC and SEC, technology partners and small to medium size enterprises.

DTVC is composed of a holding structure that includes a holding company (Dhahran Techno Valley Holding Company) and five subsidiaries and branches (Dhahran Valley Technology Development Company, Dhahran Valley Knowledge Company, Business Park Complex Company, Dhahran Valley Business Services Company and University Schools Company). The role of the “Holding Company” is to provide strategic guidance, control and support capabilities to its subsidiaries and branches in addition to an identity that should bring together all the elements of this structure.

Dhahran Valley Technology Development Company (DVTDC) branch of Dhahran Techno Valley Holding Company is the key driver in the establishment of a knowledge-based ecosystem in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, a model that can be replicated across the Kingdom. DVTDC is responsible for the management of the Dhahran Techno Valley Science Park and commercialization of technology emanating from the research activity occurring in the ecosystem.

Dhahran Valley Knowledge Company (DVKC) branch of Dhahran Techno Valley Holding Company is established to become a regional center of excellence for capabilities development and the transformation of knowledge into know-how. DVKC services include offering training and consultancy services, managing K-12 schools, and hosting science and technology related events.