Business Development

The Business Development unit operates under the overall vision of DTVC that is “to lead the commercialization of technologies by fostering an environment where drivers of innovation work together to deliver economic, business, and employment opportunities of national and global value in the energy sector.”

Strategic Objectives

  • Help provide quality, safe and hospitable environment for all Science Park partner companies.
  • Offer strategic support for the development of Science Park Phase II.
  • Identify and attract multinational companies in key technology sectors to establish their presence in DTV Science Park.
  • Maintain healthy relationships between major ecosystem stakeholders including KFUPM, Saudi Aramco and Science Park companies.
  • Oversee the performance of Science Park companies to track progress and ensure alignment with DTVC’s overall vision.
  • Ensure compliance by all Science Park companies to promote synergies for a healthy DTV ecosystem.

Our Role

The role of business development unit and its main accountabilities are multi-dimensional and spread across various elements of the strategic plan and daily operations of DTVC. The role of business development can be mainly classified into following categories:

  1. New Partner Attraction
  2. Partner Engagement and Interactions
  3. Facilitate Ecosystem Evolution
  4. Annual Partners Assessment

In conclusion, the business development unit aims towards ‘completing the DTV ecosystem’ i.e., to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for inventors, investors, industry, and entrepreneurs alike. The critical factors for above described roles can be summarized as success in attracting prospective companies, effective communication of policies and procedures and ensuring compliance, developing business case for potential opportunities, and creating recognizable DTVC brand image.