Will patenting and exploiting this work stop me from carrying out further research in this area?

No. Patenting ensures protection for the researcher's continued work. When engaging in exploitation arrangements, we protect the researchers' and the University's position to allow freedom for continued research in the area of work.

Who should I approach first of all?

Any of our TCE Team Members. They'll ensure that you are then passed to the best person for you to work with.

How can I take my technology to market?

TCE is here to support the transition of a commercially relevant technology from an early stage of development to a commercial product.

What should I do if a company wants to talk to me (or vice versa)?

Contact us beforehand and, if appropriate, we can draw up a confidential disclosure agreement so that you can have mutually open discussions. (This is advisable even if a patent application has been filed).

Will patenting my invention stop me from publishing information relating to the patent?

No. However, it is advisable to inform DTVC in good time if and when you wish to publish so that we can work with you to ensure that information released in a publication does not jeopardize a potential patent position.

Does TCE commercialize KFUPM technologies only?

No. TCE has a mandate to commercialize technologies which will bring benefit to the region. These technologies can be sourced from anywhere in the world.