Fund Application

TCE Seeks to Partner with

  • Scientists (Inventors) and Researchers who are interested in the transformation of their patented technologies into commercialized products, services, and possibly businesses.
  • Technology Developers who are seeking to collaborate with other stakeholders in the transformation technologies into commercialized products, services, or businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs & Project Leaders who are passionate about managing technologies and transforming them into businesses.
  • Investment Specialists including business angel groups, high net worth individuals, seed corn investment specialists, venture capital houses and funders of social ventures.
  • Industrial Partners including large companies and SMEs that are interested in joint technology development project.

TCE Invests in

We have access to experts across different industries that we find most suitable to our portfolio.

  • Oil & Gas (Upstream: Exploration & Drilling)
  • Refining & Petrochemical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Purification & Desalination
  • Relevant Enabling Technologies & Industry 4.0

We are interested in products and services that may have specific features.

  • Technology & IP-based businesses
  • Innovative business models
  • App economy


At TCE, we seek to invest in opportunities at different stages from a concept to an established business.

Pre-Seed• Product development and prototyping

• No revenue generation
Up to SAR 200K • Product or services that leads to Startup formation.

• Inventors who wish to license or cooperate the development of their patents.
Seed• Product prototype developed

• MVP tested (sampling)

• Very little to no revenue is generated
Up to SAR 2M• Product or services that leads to Startup formation.

• A pre-operational start-up.
Growth – Scale-up• Established company

• Commercial and product viability

• Revenue generation
Up to SAR 4M• Established early stage companies.

Application Process

Once an application is submitted, TCE process it for assessments and reviews to validate the legitimacy and explore the opportunity to the stage where an investment agreement is signed.

Fund Application Submission

TCE investment application form can be downloaded from here. The applications can be submitted to the following email address

In addition to your attached application form, please include in your email the following information.

  • Write the concept, patent, technology or project in the subject
  • A brief summary of the business, patent, or technology and its current stage