Potential Investments

TCE has invested in the development of the following patented technologies to be licensed by a prospect companies, and entrepreneurs.

TitleBasic Description
*Zero Fluid Loss Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid for Conventional and Unconventional ReservoirsA new fracturing fluid composition and fluid system for well stimulation treatment of reservoir rocks consisting of a unique chelating agent in combination with a polymeric additive diluted in an aqueous base fluid, e.g. seawater.
Trisensor – An Industrial Gas Sensor Using Wireless Sensor Networks|This invention is a novel wireless sensor device, named Trisensor, for simultaneous sensing of methane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide gases in air. Trisensor operates on the open source ZigBee® protocol making it interoperable with competitors like MicaZ® and Telos® sensor nodes. The device has been made with a highly rugged casing to ensure optimum protection when deployed in harsh environments. Current available devices in the industry suffer from manufacturer specific sensor requirements and do not have the ability to sense the three gases (methane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide) simultaneously, resulting in an increase in deployment cost of the overall sensing network.
Coding Smart Electricity MetersThis invention is an error control and correction-coding scheme designed to be implemented on smart electricity meters to prevent erroneous reading due to tampering or malfunction.
*Corrosion InhibitorThe invention is an environmentally friendly composition of a corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion of metals in contact with aqueous fluids common in oil and gas industries. The present composition can be very effective at concentration as low as 50 ppm. The invention can be a replacement for long alkyl chains imidazolines compositions currently in used in the oil and gas industries where toxicity of the chemistry and cases of localized corrosion makes their use undesirable.
*Oil-Based Barite filter cake removalThe present invention introduces a new formulation to dissolve the barite filter cake formed in oil-based mud during routine oil & gas drilling using converters and catalysts.
Production of Zeolite Catalysts by Novel Microwave-Assisted MethodThis technology relates to a process for preparing MTT zeolites which process includes a sol-gel synthesis method with the help of microwave preheating. The produced zeolites include ZSM-23 zeolites, as well as zeolite membranes, coating and catalysts. The main target is to synthesize a zeolite catalyst for petrochemical and refining industry, i.e. FCC refineries.
Gas SensorsThe inventions include a room temperature and high temperature Hydrogen (H2) gas sensors, and a Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas sensor. The sensors have fast response and high stability, along with high selectivity and repeatability.
Thermal Insulating Masonry Hollow BlocksThe invention is a Masonry Hollow Block developed by partially replacing fine aggregates and coarse aggregates used in construction of hollow blocks with insulating materials such as perlite, polyethylene, and crumb rubber. Additionally, the design of the block is also improved to enhance thermal resistance. The change in design combined with use of insulation materials helps in reducing the thermal conductivity of developed block by about 80% when compared to typical hollow block.
A Platform for FPGA Virtualization in Data CentersThis technology provides a general abstract interface to any design (not domain specific) to deploy highly specialized application on FPGAs in data centers. This technology also supports dynamic partial reconfiguration of applications that are attached to a data center.
This technology provides a network controller configured as an interface to an external network and a static logic section coupled to the network controller.
Iron Sulfide And Calcium Carbonate DescalerA novel chemical formulation for effectively dissolving both iron sulphide and calcium carbonate scales in reservoir, surface pipelines and tubular joints of Oil and Gas wells. The developed formulation can also eliminate the precipitation of calcium sulfate scale.
Automated Marsh Funnel For Oil And Gas Field OperationsThe invention is a smart Marsh funnel device that comprise a mass sensor and time sensor that frequently (every 2 to 5 minutes) takes repeated measurements of mudflow time and mud mass. In addition, the device has a built-in code, which provides accurate estimates of mud rheological properties including mud density, apparent viscosity, plastic viscosity, yield point, flow behaviour index and fluid consistency index from the measured flowing time and mud mass. This device has the capability to display these measurements on a digital screen and can provide connection to a computer system for saving of data and data processing.

*The technology is under license/option agreement with a company/ entrepreneur to commercialize it.

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