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    Dhahran Techno-Valley provides valuable infrastructures and services to its tenants

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    Dhahran Techno-Valley provides valuable infrastructures and services to its tenants

    Research & Innovation
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    Dhahran Techno-Valley provides valuable infrastructures and services to its tenants

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    Dhahran Techno-Valley provides valuable infrastructures and services to its tenants

    Doing Business With Us
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    Dhahran Techno-Valley provides valuable infrastructures and services to its tenants



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been a lucr…


Strategy and goals

We have set the following objectives to carry out …


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The Dhahran Techno Valley Company (DTVC) is fully owned and an inherent part of KFUPM charged with the mandate to advance and commercialize the university's intellectual property. As a matter of fact,…


the dtvc eco system

DTVC is an integrated ecosystem established among a unique set of Stakeholders. DTVC Company is facilitating the DTV ecosystem, leading the activities of stakeholders and enabling intellectual collabo…



To lead the commercialization of technologies by fostering the environment in which KFUPM and drivers of innovation work together to deliver economic opportunities of national and global value in the …



Provide DTVC business lines with the guidance and resources needed to commercialize innovative technologies, create knowledge jobs and spur entrepreneurship


Technology Themes at DTVC:

DTVC will focus technology development activities in the Energy Sector around six key technology themes:

  1. Advanced Materials
  2. Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering
  3. Refining and Petrochemical Processes
  4. Water Management, Production and Treatment
  5. Energy Efficiency and Renewables
  6. Advanced Computing

Collaborative Research with KFUPM and Partners :

DTVC facilitates the initial introduction of a technology firm to technical experts in relevant KFUPM’s academic or research departments. Thereafter, based on the joint synergies and finalization of research collaboration, a collaborative R&D agreement is signed between the technology firm and KFUPM. If an IP is generated as a result of such research collaboration; DTVC holding first right of refusal to commercialize KFUPM’s IP, could help advance that IP through all stages of the technology transfer process leading towards commercialization.

Technology Commercialization :

DTVC is delivering core capabilities and technology infrastructure that is unlocking the untapped potential that exists. The technology commercialization function within DTVC aims to meet the following objectives:

  1. Ensure a cost effective and efficient process for protecting intellectual property through patenting
  2. Identify and evaluate new, industry-relevant technologies and innovations
  3. Strengthen links among stakeholders of the technology transfer ecosystem
  4. Facilitate funding and collaboration opportunities among DTV stakeholders
  5. Introduce core IP Services immediately, ramping up capabilities as demand for services increases
  6. Collaborate with DTVC Business Services and DTVC Park Management Services to align strategies, approaches and service delivery

Entrepreneurship :

DTVC supports the growth of local entrepreneurs and SMEs by providing access to the following:

  1. Technical training and consulting services to SME’s
  2. Opportunities for local businesses to offer services through DTVC (e.g. facilities management, catering, etc.)
  3. Investment opportunities in joint ventures
  4. Opportunities to become knowledge partners
  5. Facilitating the provision of seed funding and venture capital through partnering with Saudi government funds and private venture capital players


Establish Your Presence at DTVC Science Park:

Dhahran Techno-Valley provides valuable infrastructures and services to its tenants who are committed to R&TD and innovation.

DTVC Value Proposition for Clients:

Prime Location

  • Proximity to KFUPM, Saudi Aramco and major oil & gas assets
  • World-class enabling infrastructure

Business Development Opportunities

  • Opportunities with Saudi Aramco and other national champions
  • World-class network

R&D Collaboration Opportunities

  • Access to DTV stakeholders
  • Platform to test cutting-edge technologies
  • Technology adaptation

Access to KFUPM Talent and R&D Resources

  • Research faculty and staff
  • State of the art research and testing facilities
  • Unique talent pool of engineers and scientists

Personal and Professional Growth for Employees

  • Access to professional training opportunities
  • Proximity to value added career opportunities within the Science Park


Establish Your Presence at DTV Science Park

science park is operated by the Dhahran Techno Valley Company (DTVC). DTVC is a wholly owned subsidiary of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) and was established by Ministerial Decree in 2001. DTVC is tasked with building a knowledge based ecosystem which provides a unique value proposition to leading companies that are committed to Research, Technology and Development.

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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Building 28, P.O. Box 15
Dhahran 31261, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 860 7200
Fax: +966 13 8607202
E-mail: info@dtvc.com.sa